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Our Students from College of Information Engineering Win First Prize in “ADI 2008 ‘Future Innovator




The works Intelligent Magazine Detection System Based on Video designed and made by Guo Guowen, Zhang Guoxian, Liang Guangbing and He Jiayu, our students from College of Information Engineering (adviser: Hu Hongbo) has won First Prize in “ADI 2008 ‘Future Innovators’ University Design Competition”.


Subsidized by Analog Devices, Inc. from the U.S. (NYSE: ADI) and hosted by Xidian University, this competition began on November 5 this year and attracted more than 200 competing teams with their advisers from more than 50 higher education institutions. In the 1st round, 60 teams were selected for the 2nd round, from which only 20 teams could gain the qualification for the final round. The judging panel is composed of 12 well-known professors from the first-class higher education institutions, and is responsible for making points for the reports, defense and each work on the spot, and confirming the final awarding levels. 


“ADI ‘Future Innovators’ University Design Competition” is a technological competition, facing to all university students. It aims to cultivate the university students’ innovative capability and cooperative spirit, improve their competence in engineering practice, in designing and making things according to the practical issues and in understanding and designing the application system. In this way they can learn to apply the theories they have learned into practice, which is of great benefit to their all-round development. The competition also gives a good chance and platform for students to know up-to-date electronic apparatus, DSP products, as well as design idea and development trend of the industry, to help students join the force of the modern information industrial design as soon as possible, to foster and improve the students’ employment ability, and to further communications between the industry, universities and students. 


College of Information Engineering
November 10, 2008