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The Delegation from Université du Havre Visited XTU


On November 6 to 7, the delegation from Université du Havre of France visited our university. The delegation consists of Madame Eliane Talbot, the vice president, Mr. Philippe More, the dean of the College of Science, Technology and Management, Mr. Stephane Lauwick, the dean of the Further Education College and Mr. Eric Martel, the director of the Centre for French Learning as a Foreign Language. XTUs vice president Liu Changgeng and staff from the International Exchange Centre received the delegation.


During the delegations visit to XTU, party representatives from the two universities exchanged ideas and reached an initial consensus on the issues of exchanging teachers and students (including undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students), cooperation on scientific research, 2+2 joint courses as well as many other cooperation and exchange issues. The meeting went well in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Université du Havre is located in Le Havre, the largest port city along the Atlantic Ocean. Le Havre is 200 km away from Paris, and it is primarily a port and transportation economy. Université du Havre, approved by the French Education Ministry, was established in 1984 on the basis of the former Engineering and Technical Institute. It is among the 89 public universities certificated by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and it is also a prestigious university of science and engineering. There are more than 8,000 students registered, and the university has three academic institutions, one institute of technology, one college of engineers and 11 key laboratories, among which two have cooperation relationship with the French National Centre for Scientific Research. This university has a wide range of majors including Languages and Literature, Liberal Arts, Science and Technology and so on. It has solid ability of scientific research and strong academic atmosphere. Its characteristic majors include: computer, electronic engineering, machinery, civil engineering, chemistry, macromolecule, biology, communications, material, environment protection, logistics management and so on.


International Exchange Centre
November 10, 2008