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XTU Project is Granted Financial Support from IFS


Recently, the project Carotenogenisis during fruit ripening of lycium barbarum submitted by Dr. Tao Nengguo of the School of Chemical Engineering was formally approved to receive research grant from International Foundation for Science (IFS) in 2008, which would grant USD 9,000 for this project.

IFS is an international scientific fund organization. It was founded in 1972 and has 135 affiliated organizations in 86 countries. The IFS Secretariat is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The annual budget is approximately USD 5 million from governmental and non-governmental sources. The mission of the IFS is to support the improvement of young scientist in developing countries. IFS receives applications all year round, and organizes experts in the specific fields worldwide to evaluate the applications. It could provide each applicant as many as three IFS Grants, with a total amount of USD 36,000. The IFS Grants cover a wide range of fields including agriculture, soil science, forestry, biodiversity, environmental chemistry, natural products, food science, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, aquaculture, marine resources as well as relevant social or economic research. An eligible candidate for an IFS Research grant shall be a scientist with at least a Masters or equivalent degree and under 30 years of age.


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Division of Science and Technology
November 13, 2008