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Alumnus Xu Xiaoshu is Appointed as Our Distinguished Professor


On the morning of November 28, the signing ceremony for the appointment of distinguished professor was held in the conference room in the College of Information Engineering. President Luo He’an issued the letter of appointment to Doctor Xu Xiaoshu and helped Xu wear our school badge.

At the signing ceremony, Luo He’an indicated that Doctor Xu, as our remarkable alumnus, has achieved outstanding work performances and is deeply emotionally-attached to our university. The development of manufacturing industry remains the bottleneck of China’s economic development, while Doctor Xu takes the lead in many relevant research fields. Thus appointing him as our Distinguished Professor will greatly promote the teaching and scientific research in our university as well as the local economic and social development.

Doctor Xu said emotionally that as a XTU alumnus, he experienced many things for the first time in Xiangtan University. In return, he will make his contributions to Xiangtan University in fields such as academic research, intercollegiate exchanges and application of the results, etc. with a whole-hearted effort.

Alumnus Xu entered our university in 1976 and successively majored in Computing Mathematics and Theory of Computer Science during his undergraduate and postgraduate periods. He then served as a teacher in our university upon graduation. In 1986 he went to the United States and is now a veteran member of AWS (American Welding Society) A9 Committee. His research achievements have been set as the international standard of the intelligent arc-welding robot system by ASM Metals Handbook. He won Best Artificial Intelligence Research Prize in the United States in 1990 and R&D 100 Award in 1996, the latter is regarded as the Oscar Award in American sci-tech circle and the Nobel Prize in applied sciences.



November 28, 2008