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Our Students from College of Information Engineering Win the Bronze Medal in the 33rd ACM-ICPC Asia


The 33rd ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Asia Regional Contest Chengdu Site was closed on Nov. 30. Delegation Soar (the guide and the coach: Wen Zhonghua, Liang Zhewei) of our university comprised of Hu Kun, Xie Bin, Wang Xudong from the College of Information Engineering was awarded the bronze medal.

This year, 10000 teams altogether from famous universities over the world took part in the contest, including 7000 in Asia and 5000 in China.
717 teams from more than 140 universities participated in the internet preliminary competition in Chengdu, through which 98 teams of 67 universities from the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong took part in competition. Team Soar of Xiangtan University won the bronze medal in the end, ranking 43rd among the universities and 60th among the teams. This was the second bronze medal got by our university. The instructors of ACM/ICPC were Liang Zhewei, Xie Yong and Shi Yuexiang.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM/ICPC or ICPC) is annually held by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), which aims at showing the students’ innovation ability, cooperative spirit and the ability to program, analyze and solve the problem under pressure. After 30 years of development, it has become the recognized biggest large-scale, highest-level International Collegiate Programming Contest in the world, which is the stage for many college students interested in computer program to show their talents and the manifestation of computer education achievements made by the famous universities. It also provides the best chance to make dialogues between information enterprises and the best computer talents in the world. The contest is sponsored by IBM and SUN at present.

Every university participated in ACM/ICPC in the form of teams. Each team consists of three members. During the contest, each team should program to solve 6 to 10 English problems within 5 hours. As the contest is totally enclosed, the contestants are isolated from the outside world and they should finish all the problems by themselves. Furthermore, the judge rules, including plenty of data test, are precise and objective, which can exclude unfair judgements caused by the judges’subjectivity. So the contest results are highly reliable. And it is the revelation of their competence.

BBS (www.acmfan.cn), Online Judge System (www.acmfan.cn/OnlineJudge )and QQ Group (69085706) have been opened by our ACM Team. Welcome to visit us.


College of Information Engineering
December 10, 2008