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Women Team and Men Team of Xiangtan University Win the Second Place and the Third Place of the 11th


On Dec. 4 2008, the 11th CUBA (Hunan Area) & the Hunan University Basketball Championship in 2008 were closed in the stadium of Suxian Area in Xiangnan University. The competition was divided into four levels, including men undergraduate, women undergraduate, men college, and women college. There were 24 teams of universities from Hunan Province. Through the struggling in the competition, women basketball team of our university won the second place, and men basketball team won the third place; meanwhile, women basketball team also was awarded the qualification of CUBA. And in the contest, Liu Xiongjun, the coach of men basketball, and Zhao Weili, the coach of women basketball, won the Excellent Coach in this competition; Li Tao and Xu Jingfang, the women basketball players, Liu Zhifeng and Dai Xiwen, the men basketball players, won the Excellent Player in this competition.

To our joy, men basketball team of our university participated in the basketball competition of Hunan Province for the first time, and attained the excellent achievement with the short group time and the small playing experiences, which was very difficult. This competition firms the idea of men basketball team in our university keeping ahead of Hunan Province even in the whole China.


    Department of Physical Education
Dec 6, 2008