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The 5th University Outstanding Design Exhibition in Hunan Is Closed Art Academy of Xiangtan Universi


2008 the 5th Hunan Provincial University Design Art Education Seminar and the 5th University Outstanding Design Exhibition in Hunan which have lasted for three days (from Dec. 5 to 7 ) were held in Xiangnan University. Many experts and scholars from art design circle and universities in Hunan attended the meeting. Art Academy of Xiangtan University got 18 prizes on the Exhibition.


More than 400 works were accepted on this Exhibition, involving 8 majors--- Architectural Planning Design, Landscape Design, Interior Environmental Design, Industrial Design, the Design of Visual Transmitting, Package Design, the Design of Digital Art and Synthetic Design. Through 25 experts’ careful judgements, altogether 67 were awarded prizes. There were 15 works from Art Academy awarded the prizes, among which Golden Prizes were won by Lili and other 5 students, Bronze Prize was won by Xu Gang, Excellent Prizes were won by Ding Fangqiang and other 7 students. In addition, three teachers Li Qing, Lu Shengwen and Zeng Jiaqi were awarded the Best Instructor Prize.


From Art Academy
December 15, 2008