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Our University Is Honored as Advanced Collectives on NI/OS


Recently, National Bureau of Statistic and Hunan Bureau of Statistic have issued successively Notification about Rewarding 2007 Advanced Collectives and Individuals. Our university is the only university in Hunan honored as 2007 Advanced Collective on National Input/Output Survey (NI/OS) and Comrade Xiao Taofeng is praised as Advanced Individual on NI/OS.


NI/OS is the source of important essential data of GDP accounting. As 2007 Hunan key NI/OS Unit, our university implements working conference spirit of NI/OS actively. According to the unified arrangements of superior department and led by President Office, our university has finished the survey tasks high-qualifiedly and smoothly with full mobilization and elaborate organization of Planning-Financial Department. The process of NI/OS includes filling and submitting the input/output survey data, inputting and auditing, summarizing and reporting etc..


From the President Office