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Academic Annual Meeting Is Held by KLEFCAME



2008 Academic Annual Meeting and the First Academic Committee were held by Key Laboratory of Environment-Friendly Chemistry and Applications of Ministry of Education (KLEFCAME) from December 13 to 14.


The opening ceremony of Academic Annual Meeting was held at Academic Report Hall in the Yifu Building on the morning of December 13. Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Cao Yong, Qiu Shilun (the Vice President of Jilin University), our Vice President Wang Jiping and other more than 20 experts from Peking University, South China University of Technology, Wuhan University etc. attended it.


At the opening ceremony, Wang Jiping introduced the general situation of Xiangtan University and KLEFCAME. He also issued the letter of appointment to the First Academic Committee members of KLEFCAME.


6 Academic Committee members including Qiu Shilun, Zhou Xiang, Li Shuhua, Xia Yongyao, Fan Qinghua, Cai Yuanli made reports at the meeting and other 16 scholars discussed in groups. They made some exchanges and discussions on the special subjects involving the Function of Nanophase Materials and Molecular Engineering, Interactions between Small Molecular Compound and Nucleic Acid, Drug Design, Regulation and Control of Nucleic Acid Structure, Ambient Temperature RAFT Polymerization under Visible Light Radiation and Its Application in Composition of Intelligent High Polymer. Besides they visited the laboratory and Analysis and Testing Center.


The First Academic Committee was held by the lab in the meeting room of Chemical Industry Building. Director of Academic Committee of lab Academician Cao Yong, Deputy Director Luo He’an, Qiu Shilun, Wang Xianyou and all the other members attended the meeting, which focused on the introduction, made by Standing Deputy Director Zhu Weiguo, of research direction, research characteristics and advantages, construction target and content of the lab and the introduction made by the leading experts from 4 research fields, of faculty members of each field. After deliberation, the construction target and development ways of lab were passed and 10 open research objects in 2009 were determined.


By Liu Jianxiang from Journal Of Xiangtan University