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The First IP College Established in XTU


   On 27th December, the Intellectual Property College of XTU was officially established. It is the first one of this kind in Hunan province, and the second one in middle China. Hunan finally has its first base for cultivating IP talents.

   The ceremony was hosted by Li Bochao, vice-party secretary of XTU. Han Xiucheng, deputy director general of State Intellectual Property Office, Gong Shiyi, party secretary of Hunan Intellectual Property Office, Liu Chuntian and Li Shunde, vice president of Intellectual Property Rights Law Academy under China Law Committee, Yang Xiang, vice-president of the Supreme Peoples Court of Hunan, Huang Zanjia, deputy director general of Hunan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau, Zou Minsheng, deputy director general of Hunan Provincial Bureau of IPR, and university leaders such as Luo He’an, Huang Yunqing, Dai Feijun, Zhou Yichun, Wang Jiping and Ning Jianmin attended the ceremony.

   Wu Handong, president of Intellectual Property Rights Law Academy under China Law Committee and president of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and many universities and organizations such as Supreme Peoples Court, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai University, South China University of Technology and China Jiliang University all sent congratulatory letters to XTU for the establishment of the Intellectual Property College.

   The Intellectual Property College of XTU is mainly established on the basis of the School of Law, and it also takes advantage of relevant resources from majors of arts, science and engineering. Intellectual Property is an inter-discipline related with science and culture not only traditionally but also contemporarily. It is based on law, and at the same time it also covers areas such as information technology, network science, economic management, environmental protection and so on. Since the establishment of the School of Law, Intellectual Property has always been a distinctive academic field of XTU. As early as 1996, Feng Xiaoqing, Chen Naixin and many other scholars already started their research on Intellectual Property. After a dozen years’ research, XTU’s academic achievement on Intellectual Property has received acknowledgement from colleagues from both home and abroad. Professor Feng Xiaoqing was the first person who systematically brought about the theory of balancing of rights of Intellectual Property. In 2001, FENG published Strategy on Intellectual Property of Company, which was the first book in China about IP strategy. The School of Law has many excellent teachers who can take up research on intellectual property right. At the same time, School of Management, School of Business, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Mathematics and Computational Science, School of Material and Phoelectronic Physics and School of Civil Engineering & Mechanics also have many teaching and research staff who can take up research in managing IP, strategic planning, technological innovation and protection of IP.

   Vice president Huang Yunqing read some of the documents concerning the establishment of the Intellectual Property College of XTU. Han Xiucheng and Luo He’an unveiled the plaque for the college.

   President Luo He’an indicated in his speech that the establishment of the Intellectual Property College is another important measure of our university to contribute to Hunan’s economic and social development. He hoped that the IP College would actively integrate relevant teaching strengths and its advantage as an inter-discipline to closely connect with the society and to make contributions to Hunan’s and even China’s IP development.

   Han Xiucheng, Liu Chuntian, Gong Shiyi, Yang Xiang and Huang Zanjia also made speech at the ceremony. Luo He’an awarded letters of appointment to the consultant and honorary director of the Center for Intellectual Property Rights Studies at XTU.

   In the afternoon of the ceremony, the Middle China Intellectual Property Strategy Forum was held in our university. IP experts from universities, research institutes, enterprises and public institutions made wonderful speeches on the intellectual property strategy development in middle China.

   Professionals pointed out that the establishment of our IP College had a significant meaning to the academic research in middle China. It also means a lot to the protection, development and using of IP, and will promote the economic and social development.

Jiang Haiwen, Reporter of Xiangtan University Newspaper
27th December, 2008