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The Library Received Precious Japanese Books



On March 10, 2010, the library received 1040 Japanese books of original version from the Japanese Professor Kibe Nobuko, valuing 3,602,928 yen (over 260,000 RMB). Covering literature, arts, education and language, this batch of books will serve as treasure in Japanese language learning and Japanese culture research. The library organized catalogue data processing and designated an exclusive shelf in Room for Foreign Books for the sake of readers.


Prof. Kibe Nobuko is Dean of Faculty of Law and Literature of Kagoshima University, doctoral supervisor, a well-known linguist in Japan, deputy director of the National Institute for Japanese Language and reviewer of Japanese Society. Kagoshima University is the first friendly university to sign international academic exchange agreement with XTU. The books contributed by Prof. Kibe Nobuko further promoted the cultural exchanges between the two universities, added to multi-cultural libraries of XTU, and filled up the deficiency of Japanese original books to some extent.


The contribution is attributed to Professor Hu Jun of College of Foreign Languages of XTU, a Ph. D student of Prof. Kibe Nobuko. Apart from the valuable Japanese books, Prof. Kibe also bore the 20,000-yuan transport costs.



(From Library, Apr. 4, 2010)