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XTU’s Undergraduate Teaching Works Evaluation


According to the Notice on the Result of the Undergraduate Teaching Works Evaluation on 87 Common Colleges and Universities issued by the Ministry of Education, XTU won Excellency again since the last evaluation in 2002.


In May 2008, experts on the undergraduate teaching works evaluation from the Ministry of Education came to XTU for a comprehensive evaluation. The expert group thinks highly of XTU’s running method and teaching works. They regard that XTU, a comprehensive university that Chairman Mao attached high importance to, lives up to this great person’s expectation. As a university that is supervised jointly by the Ministry of Education and the provincial education authority, XTU inherits glorious tradition and works hard to construct an excellent university, which reached a high standard after 34 years of endeavor since its re-establishment. It is worth mentioning that, since the 2002 Undergraduate Teaching Works Evaluation, XTU has made great achievements in Talent Fostering Innovation, Teaching Group of State Level, National Distinguished Teacher Prize, National Competitive Course, National Leading Subjects, National Teaching Achievement Prize and National University Students Culture Education Base and so on. Fast development has been made in key disciplines and leading subjects, which help pushing forward the improvement of the undergraduate teaching and the competiveness of XTU.


It’s because of the concerted efforts of all the teachers and students that we won Excellency in the evaluation again. It is an approval of XTU’s undergraduate teaching result since its establishment 50 years ago. It is also encouraging for all the teachers and students. This achievement shows that XTU has entered a stable and fast development stage, and lays a solid foundation for further development.


Teaching Evaluation Office
February 25, 2009