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Sky31.com Is Awarded the Top Ten Campus Service Websites by the Ministry of Education



Recently, we got good news from the Ministry of Education that our campus website www.sky31.com was awarded the Top Ten Campus Service Websites among 531 websites nationwide, and our website ranked no. 5. Other websites also awarded this prize were from Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Wuhan University and so on. This year is the fifth anniversary of www.sky31.com, and there is no doubt that this prize is a wonderful birthday gift. This is also the second time that our website was awarded this prize.

In the past five years, www.sky31.com has been working in the spirit of Happy, Passion and Dream, with the goal of spreading healthy and mainstream information and advocating for positive internet culture. We have a total page view of more than 3 million times, and the peak current online user reached 9097 persons. The highest click rate of a single piece of news reached 5263 times. Our campus website has always been innovative, providing fashionable and practical service for teaching staff and students, so as to make the campus life rich and colorful both online and offline. On behalf of the Communist Youth League, our campus website cares for our young students, with an aim to build a cultural garden with idea, knowledge, interest and quality service.

Currently, www.sky31.com has many channels such as news, radio, DV site, sky31 HOME, sky31 bbs, blog, e-magazine and so on. It also has a print media Sky31 Campus, which has been issued successfully for 3 editions as an indispensable manual for new students. In 2006, our website won the title of the Top Ten Campus Cultural Website in the online competition held by the Ministry of Education. In 2007, our website won the title of Young People’s Favorite Campus Website in the competition jointly held by 14 ministries and commissions such as the Communist Youth League of China and the Ministry of Education. Also in 2007, our website won the Furong Students: Contribution Award in the competition in a public benefit activity held by Hunan Communist Youth League and Hunan Youth Development Fund.

In 2008, after fierce competition, sky31.com became the campus website of the China University Student DV Website jointly constructed by sky31.com and the Ministry of Education. Leaders from the Ministry of Education, Hunan Communist Youth league, and XTU, showed their support and care for sky31.com, and encouraged this website by giving the following inscription: Better Sky31, Greater Future. In September 2008, Mr. Zhou Qiang, Governor of Hunan Province gave his autograph on the Sky31 Campus: Special Edition for Freshman, and expressed his hope for a better sky31.com.

The Top 100 Campus Website Competition has been held for three periods under the lead of the Ministry of Education. This Contest comprises three stages: submission, preliminary evaluation (vote by autonym and expert recommendation) and on-site final evaluation. Media such as people.com.cn, Communication University of China and the New Media Magazine were responsible for the on-site final evaluation, and gave their suggestions on the construction and development of campus websites. This activity aimed to promote online cultural construction, so as to provide a clean and healthy online environment.


Committee of Communist Youth League, XTU
March 23, 2009