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Great Achievements in Independent Innovation



CRIC, a automobile manufacturing company led by Xie Rong’an, alumnus from the major of Electrical Engineering and Automation in 1986 from the School of Information Engineering, has developed All Electric Urban Bus which could be charged quickly trailed by new energy. This creation was awarded Special Innovation Award in the third Huaxia Innovation Prize in the High-tech Industry. (http://www.cnr.cn/zgsp/sptj/200903/t20090320_505277000.html)


It is reported that this achievement has the proprietary intellectual property rights of all the core technologies and more than 50 national patents including major core technologies of new energy vehicle such as electric control system, cruise control system, vehicle integration technologies, high-power and intelligentized charge-discharge integration system and so on.

Huaxia Innovation Prize in the High-tech Industry is a science and technology award approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Office for Science and Technology Awards. According to the regulations issued by the State Council, it could grant science and technology awards legally with an aim to encourage groups, entrepreneurs, scientific and managerial staff that have significant contribution to the independent innovation and the industrialization of high and new technologies. By granting awards to organizations and individuals who made major contributions to the innovation in the high-tech industry, the building of the innovation system could be promoted, the process of industrialization of high technology could be accelerated, and the entire population would be better aware of innovation.

Xie Rong’an (former name: Xie Jun) entered XTU in 1986. He was the chief class monitor and the President of College Student Council. It was Xie Rong’an who first introduced Hundred Mark System in grating scholarships in China’s universities. He also set up work-study program and engaged in many other activities to help with the clubs and poor students.

After graduation, Xie Rong’an went to Shenzhen with only 130RMB. After all kinds of difficulties, he prepared to set up Shanghai CRIC in 2000, and set up Yantai CRIC in 2004. His company made great achievement in independent innovation in Shandong Province, and was supported by many State Leaders.

With the state approval, CRIC became the first professional new energy vehicle development and manufacturing company in 2008. Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering including Liu Hongliang, Xu Shoubo, Guo Konghui and He Zuoma praised that this is the first time China’s vehicle R&D lead the world.


School of Information Engineering
March 23, 2009