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XTU Held Press Conference on Southeast Division of CUBA League Tournament


The 11th CUBA League Tournament Southwest Division matches being especially concerned will start on the afternoon of April 6 in the stadium of XTU. On the afternoon of April 5, XTU held a press conference to introduce the significance of sponsoring these matches, the preparation work, teams and schedule, and also answered journalists’ questions. More than 20 news media attended the press conference, including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, Chinese Education, Hunan Daily, Hunan Satellite TV, Hunan Economic TV and so on.


At the press conference, Dai Feijun, the Executive Director of the Organizing Committee of the Southwest Division of 11th CUBA League Tournament and Vice President of XTU, said on behalf of XTU that we were confident to hold this grand event successfully. Currently, matches organization, logistics support, public information, volunteer services, venue layout, security services, and medical cares are ready now.


The Executive Chairman of the CUBA and Executive Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of CUBA League Tournament, Zhang Ningfei highly appreciated XTU for its preparation work, and gave a brief introduction to CUBA. He hoped that this would be an opportunity for more people to know sports, participate in sports and enjoy sports.


It is said that men’s basketball teams that would participate in the matches in the Southwest Division are XTU, Hunan Normal University, Guangxi Normal University, Hubei University of Technology, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Guangxi University, Wuhan University of Technology, Xiangnan University, Yunnan Normal University and Chongqing University. And women’s basketball teams are XTU, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Sichuan Normal University, Yunnan Normal University, Chongqing Academy of Arts and Sciences, Hunan Normal University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Guangxi Normal University, Chongqing University and Changsha Vocational and Technical College. These 20 strong basketball teams in the Southwest Division will participate in 56 wonderful matches in 8 days at XTU. The top tow men’s basketball teams and women’s basketball teams will advance to the national quarter finals.


XTU is the last stop of the Division Tour of the 11th CUBA League Tournament, and the men’s basketball team and women’s basketball team of XTU will take part in the matches at home. China Central Television (CCTV 5) will broadcast live three matches.


CUBA League Tournament was prepared in 1996 and officially launched in 1998. After 10 CUBA Leagues in the past 12 years, it is now the largest, the most famous and influential single event game of university students.


Publicity Section of the Organizing Committee of the Southwest Division of
CUBA League Tournament
April 5, 2009