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CUBA League Tournament Southwest Division Matches Started at XTU


On the afternoon of April 7, there were no empty seats in the stadium of XTU, because everyone was expecting to witness the opening ceremony of the CUBA League Tournament Southwest Division Matches.


Zhang Ningfei, Executive Chairman of the CUBA and Executive Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of CUBA League Tournament, Chen Nansheng, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the CUBA, Zhang Yinjiang, Vice Chairman of the CUBA and Vice President of Hubei University of Technology, Wang Xiaocheng, Vice Chairman of the CUBA, Wang Jian, Deputy Director General of the Education Department of Hunan, Tang Jiuhong, Deputy Director General of the Administration of Sports of Hunan, Zeng Zhenya, Vice Secretary of the Xiangtan Municipal Committee of CPC, Su Jianquan, Deputy Mayor of Xiangtan, Luo He’an, President of XTU, Huang Jianxin, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of XTU, Huang Yunqing, Vice President of XTU, Ning Jianmin, Secretary of the Inspecting Discipline Commission of XTU as well as Xia Guohua and Liu Changgeng, Vice Presidents of XTU, attended the opening ceremony. Captains, coaches and players of participating teams and more than 4000 students and teachers also attend the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Dai Feijun, Vice President of XTU.


At the opening ceremony, Luo He’an gave a brief introduction to XTU, especially its sports and arts construction. He pointed out that this grand gathering of young basketball players is not only a great event for the young players, but also a happy occasion for China’s basketball circle. XTU would spare no effort to hold these matches successfully, and to take this opportunity to promote the taste and level of XTU’s campus culture, so as to better contribute to the prosperity of the culture of university and sports.


After that, Wang Jian, Deputy Director General of the Education Department of Hunan, declared the opening of the matches.


Before the opening ceremony, students of the XTU staged a pageant of performances which combined art with sports perfectly, and vividly interpreted the glamour of sports culture. Performances such as passionate modern dancing, energetic cheerleading dance, beautiful “Basketball Babies”, blazing street basketball and charmingly naïve mascot pushed the atmosphere to the climax, especially when the Song of CUBA was played, more than 1000 students at the stand used props to display the letters of “CUBA” and the image of a famous building of XTU. At the sight of this, the stadium was surrounded with applause and excited shouts, and became a sea of joy and happiness.


After the opening ceremony, the host team - men’s basketball team of XTU played the first match with the men’s basketball team of Hubei University of Technology. In this excellent match, XTU won with a score of 82:68.


China Central Television (CCTV 5) broadcast live the opening ceremony and the first match.