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The 11th CUBA League Tournament Southwest Division Matches Closed


At 16:10 on the afternoon of April 13, when the ending whistle sounded at the final event between the men’s basketball teams of Hunan Normal University and Xiangnan University, the 11th CUBA League Tournament Southwest Division Matches were closed in the stadium of our university with the final score of 71:53.


Our Vice President Dai Feijun, Executive Director of the Organizing Committee of 11th CUBA League Tournament Southwest Division, introduced the leaders and distinguished guests who attended Mens Basketball Final and award ceremony. Liu Xiao, Vice Chairman of Hunan Provincial PCC and Vice Chairman of CUBA, Zhang Ningfei, Executive Chairman of the CUBA and the Board Chairman of Henghua Group, Chen Nansheng, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CUBA, Hu Shilin, National Coach of General Administration of Sport of China and Head Coach of CUBA, Wang Xiaocheng, Vice Chairman of CUBA and Vice President of Hengyang Normal University, Su Jianquan, Vice Mayor of Xiangtan Municipal People’s Government, Xiao Guo’an, Secretary of the CPC of XTU, Supervisor Huang Jianxin, Deputy Director and of 11th CUBA Southwest Division, Huang Yunqing, Vice President of XTU, Li Bochao, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of 11th CUBA Southwest Division and Vice Secretary of the CPC of XTU, Chen Xiaoming, Vice President of XTU, Zhou Yichun, Vice President of XTU, Ning Jianmin Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of XTU, and Zhang Lixiang, Director General of Administration of Sport of Xiangtan watched the final game and attended the awarding ceremony..


In the Mens Basketball Final, Hunan Normal University and Xiangnan University made wonderful and fierce competition. With the starting whistle, the players of each side began to spare no effort to play in the game. As the established brand of Southwest Division, Hunan Normal University took good advantages to gain lots of scores at first and left Xiangnan University far behind quickly. Then Xiangnan University, the black house in this CUBA, tried the best to chase its counterpart. At last, it was defeated and got the second place.


There were 20 teams taking part in this CUBA. The prizes such as champion, runner-up, the second runner-up were produced in 56 events after 8 days. Champion, runner-up and second runner-up in Mens Basketball Game were awarded to Hunan Normal University, Xiangnan University and Wuhan University of Technology separately. While Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hunan Normal University and Zhongnan University of Economics and Law got champion, runner-up and second runner-up in Womens Basketball Game. Womens basketball team in our university got the fourth place with good performance.


Zhang Ningfei presided at the awarding ceremony. Li Bochao and Dai Feijun presented bouquets to the delegates of volunteers. The chief judge of 11th CUBA Southwest Division Matches Pei Yimin announced the result of the matches. Liu Xiao, Su Jianquan, Xiao Guo’an and Chen Nansheng awarded “Champion of Golden Backboard” to Mens Basketball Champion Team and Women’s Basketball Champion Team separately.

By Jiang Haiwen from Journal of Xiangtan University
April 17, 2009