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Our University Achieves Two Key Programs of NSSF



Recently, we have received a piece of good news from National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science that in the process of invitation of tender of National Social Science Fund(NSSF) in 2008, with approval of National Planning Leading Group of Philosophy and Social Science, two programs including Research on Reform of Primary Distribution System of National Income applied by Prof. Liu Changgeng and Research on Countermeasure for Local Government to Deal with Major Natural Disasters applied by Prof. He Zhen have approved to be key programs of NSSF with 150,000 Yuan fund for each program. XTU is the only university in Hunan Province that has achieved two key programs in the invitation of tender of NSSF, which is another important breakthrough of our university in the establishment of key program of NSSF in recent years.


Office of Social Sciences
April 20, 2009