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Deputy Director-General Liu Baoli Visits Our University



On the morning of April 26, Liu Baoli, Deputy Director-General of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education, visited our university under the escort of Chen Xiangsheng (Deputy Director of Hunan Education Department) and Fu Huaxing (Deputy Director of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Hunan Province) etc. And President Luo He’an and Vice President accompanied them in the whole course and reported the base situation of our university, especially the work of international exchange and cooperation.


In the beginning, Deputy Director-General Liu Baoli and his fellows presented a flower basket to Chairman Mao in the Mao Zedong Square. Then they attended the symposia held in Yifu Building. The symposia was presided by President Luo He’an. And Vice President Liu Changgeng reported to Deputy Director-General Liu Baoli about the base situation of international exchange and cooperation in our university. He put emphasis on the introduction of the achievements in foreign student affairs and expressed the wish to apply to become the university with Chinese Government Scholarship for the students coming to study in China. After hearing the report, Deputy Director-General Liu Baoli made great recognition about the achievements of international exchange and cooperation of our university, briefly introduced the foreign-student affairs and work of studying abroad of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of Ministry of Education and indicated that these works are the primary commitment of educational foreign affairs. He also put forward four requirements to the universities with Chinese Government Scholarship: First, bring foreign-student affairs into work system of internationalization construction. Second, provide good teaching condition. Third, provide perfect management and teaching faculty for the foreign students. Fourth, provide convenient and safe accommodation. After the symposia, Deputy Director-General Liu Baoli visited Yifu Building, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Building, Library, Foreign Student Building and Dongqing Foreign Student Apartment. In addition, he inspected the study, experiment, books and reference materials and living environment of the foreign students and considered that the conditions in our university including comfortable environment, high teaching level, good experiment condition, rich books and reference materials and complete living facilities provide a good environment to educate the foreign students. 


In recent years our country has attached great importance and concern to foreign student affairs. With the increasing financial input, a total of 220,000 students studied in China last year, among whom 14000 students got the Chinese Government Scholarship. At present, there were 140 universities with Government Scholarship in China, but only two in Hunan. Becoming a university with Chinese Government Scholarship is an important symbol for evaluating the internationalization degree of a university, which has been our dream for so many years. For this, our university has made more efforts and increased more financial input to the foreign student affairs in recent years. With the great improvement of software and hardware, the foreign student affairs have developed stably and rapidly. Both in the year of 2006 and 2007, our university was appraised as the Advanced Unit of Foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Student Affairs of Hunan Province.

 International Exchange Center
                                                          April 27, 2009