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Dashan Talked about Cultural Differences between China and Foreign Countries in Xiangtan University



“If you want to see the familiar Mr. Dashan on TV, then you may just go home and watch TV.” As soon as Dashan appeared, he made all the audiences laugh. On the night of October 19th, Dashan talked about cultural differences between China and foreign countries in Xiangtan University.


The atmosphere was totally heated: the auditorium was full to overflowing, and even the aisles were all packed. Dashan was so touched by the students’ enthusiasm that he went downed the rostrum and took pictures with them together ahead of schedule.

“I particularly like to hang out with the post-90s, and you were all born later than the first time I came to this country.” Dashan, as an international expert, particularly like to communicate with young people, and he shared experiences on learning foreign languages with students.

“Curiosity is the best teacher.” said Dashan. He used to have an affinity with Chinese by chance and then deeply attracted to Chinese culture. “Dashan is a foreigner, but not a stranger.”, which was the best encouragement for him.


On the issue of cultural differences between China and foreign countries, Dashan held the opinion that cultural differences did exist, but we should be tolerant of differences since there were so many commonalities between Chinese and foreign culture. “Cultural differences show the complexity of culture. The difference itself is not an obstacle, and the obstacle is the attitude we treat on difference.” said Dashan. Chinese and foreign culture could be mixed together perfectly, and the key is to seek common grounds but reserve differences, as well as learn to accept and appreciate such differences.


Dashan brought at least 30 times of laughs and applauds by his humor, special experiences and wonderful speech. At the end of his speech, Dashan played allegro and performed tongue twisters, which drew thunderous applause.


At the Question Hour, a student asked about the most difficult language in the world, and then Dashan answered in English, “The easiest language in the world is mother tongue, and the most difficult language is the second language.” He shared experience on learning the second language and expressed the opinion that in order to learn a mew language, we must adhere to the principle of making study serve the practical purpose.


Dashan is a famous Canadian expert, host, and crosstalk comedian. Upon graduation from the University of Toronto, Dashan was awarded a full scholarship to continue Chinese language studies at Peking University in 1988. He began formal study of crosstalk with his mentor, the famous crosstalk comedian Jiang Kun, and became well-known due to his wonderful performance on the CCTV New Years Gala. In 2012, Dashan was awarded as the “Cultural Ambassador between China and Canada” and the “Goodwill Ambassador between China and Canada” by Canadian prime minister.