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IAS in Memory of the 210th Anniversary of Pushkins Birth Is held in XTU


May, is a season full of poetic flavor. From May 9 to 12, the International Academic Symposium (IAS) in Memory of the 210th Anniversary of Pushkins Birth was held in XTU by National Pushkin Research Association (NPRA) and Literature & Journalism College of XTU. More than 50 experts and scholars from the universities and research institutions of China as well as Russia were gathering here to study Poet Pushkin, who has been radiating the permanent charming of Russian poetry to the world.

On May 10, IAS opened. Vice President Wang Jiping delivered a welcome speech and introduced the history and situation of the subject development of XTU. Prof. Li Mingbin, Chairman of NPRA, who came from Peking University, retrospected the achievements made in the past more than ten years since the establishment of NPRA in his opening speech. In addition, he put forward the tasks in this symposium.

There must be bountiful passion when meeting poets. On the opening ceremony, the students from Xuanti Poetry Agency of XTU read nine poems of Pushkin with great passion. Some delegates recited Pushkins to Chadaev in Russian, while the Mongolian Prof. Baisi GuLeng recited Pushkins famous poems in Mongolian. With poetic flavor and great passion from Pushkins poem-lovers made up of the elder, middle age and young, the IAS opened so wonderfully.

Two speeches and two panel discussions were made at this symposium. The participating experts mainly discussed Pushkins works on two aspects, that is, the text study and the study of Pushkins academic history. On the aspect of Pushkins text study, the experts analyzed and explored poetic factors, the art of the ending, the image of Peter the Great, the principle of historical literature and feminine image in Pushkins novels. On the aspect of study of Pushkins academic history, the experts mainly revealed the secret that the research on Pushkin often created new things from three perspectives---the translation of Pushkins works, the study and acceptance of Pushkin in Russia and the study and acceptance of Pushkin in China.

On the closing ceremony of IAS, the Council decided to appoint Zhang Tiefu and Zha Xiaoyan as Vice Chairman of NPRA and Bai Siguleng and Wu Xiao as Director of NPRA for addition.

XTU has been one of the earliest universities to set up the Pushkin-study Course in the undergraduate and graduate student education since the new era. The research group leading by Prof. Zhang Tiefu has cultivated 11 graduate students whose titles of the thesis are named after Pushkin. And they have finished a tetralogy about Pushkin including Pushkins Life and Creation, Pushkin and China, New Theory in Pushkin---Russia Poet-sage in the Culture Visual View and Pushkin: Transmission and Illumination of the Classics. At present, Prof. Zhang Tiefu is dedicated to the study of Pushkins Academic History which is a sub-project of the important project Academic History Study of Foreign Literature of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


May 20, 2009