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The Delegation of Cooperative Universities from France Revisits XTU



From May 27 to 29, the delegation of cooperative universities from France paid a visit to our university and selected some students to study in France for the Sino-French cooperation project.  

Members of the delegation are Prof. Gilles Jacoud, Prof. Bertrand Lordon from the University of Saint-Etienne and Prof. Philippe Norel from Poitiers University. The delegation had a discussion with the persons in charge of International Exchange School. They gave feedback on the study situation of the students who studied in France, discussed the existing problems in the Sino-French cooperation project and both agreed that there would be a broad development prospect in the project.

The delegation had interviews with the students at XTU and were very satisfied with the students’ quality. At the same time, they showed great interest in the cultivation mode of creative talents of the university. In response to the requirement of creativity of cultivation mode of talents by the Ministry of Education, we were trying to reform the Sino-French cooperation project, that was, to select some excellent students majoring in French from the College of Foreign Languages for professional training in economics, which could help the students to have a relatively high level of French and economics based on their outstanding performance. There were altogether 11 outstanding students selected to go to France to study in mid-August for this time.

And Vice President Liu Changgeng warmly received the delegation of cooperative universities from France.

Before this time, Prof. Guy Patrick Mafauta from University of Savoie, Prof. Gilles Pannaux and Prof. Bertrand Lordon from the University of Saint-Etienne have come to our university successively to teach the project students some courses in French including Macro-economics, Statistics and Micro-economic for six weeks.


International Exchange School
 May 30, 2009