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Alumni Hino Syouhei Interacted with Young Students of Alma Mater



“We are not only schoolfellows, but also classmates.” “In my heart, Xiangtan University is forever the best university of China…”, said Doctor Hino Syouhei, outstanding alumni of TXU and president of Alumni Association of Japanese on the morning of March 22 when attending the quality expanding lecture of “Shaofeng • Alumni Forum” at Yifu Building of TXU. During the two-hour lecture, Doc. Hino gave a presentation titled Status Quo of World Economy and Construction of Industry Value Chain and exchanged face-to-face with the over 500 young students, bringing the house down now and again.

Beginning with the feelings of returning to Alma master, combining with his personal experience of studying in XTU, Doctor Hino Syouhei described his indissoluble bond with XTU through colorful anecdotes and details, brimming with confidence, passion, gratitude for Alma master, pride as a member of Xiangtan University as well as ardent expectation. After that, by means of detailed and objective data, vivid and visualized diagram, witty and rigorous language, Hino concentrated on the current situation of world economy, construction of industry value chain, case study of commercial affairs of Mitsubishi, introduction of Mitsubishi Group, take-off of China and so on, introduced the hot spot and focal issues of world economy systematically. After the lecture, by quoting the classics and using well-documented and extensive evidence, Doc. Hino answered questions raised by the students in terms of similarities and differences of Japanese and Chinese culture, logistics service platform, the Toyota Way and Japanese corporate culture. In addition, he stated his motto of “being low-keyed and pragmatic”, and took group pictures with the young students.

The lecture was jointly hosted by Youth League Committee of TXU, College of Foreign Languages and Alumni Federation.



                  Communist Youth League Xiangtan University Committee
            March 22, 2010