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Ph. D Student Zhong Liuqiang Wins International Meeting Paper Award


Ph. D Student Zhong Liuqiang from School of Mathematics and Computational Science of XTU has won the second prize of the 14th Leslie Fox Prize for International Numerical Analysis and Student Paper Competition of the 14th Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods. His paper was Optimal Multilevel and Adaptive Finite Element Method for Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations which was based on the discrete system of Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations, gave optimal L2 error estimation, designed and analyzed two-grid methods and proved that the method of finite element of adaptive edges quasi-optimal convergence. Before this time, no other Ph. d students in Mainland have won such two prizes.

This work of Zhong Liuqiang was finished under the guidance and cooperation of Prof. Xu Jinchao (Zhong’s tutor, from Center for Computational Mathematics and Applications of Pennsylvania State University, also the first Invited Professor for Furong Scholar Plan and the head of Computational and Applied Mathematics Institute of XTU) Prof. Shu Shi (Zhong’s tutor, from School of Mathematics and Computational Science of XTU), Prof. Gabriel Wittum (from Goethe Scientific Computing Center of Goethe University) and Dr. Chen Long (assistant professor, from Mathematics Department, University of California, Irvine). 

Leslie Fox Prize in Numerical Analysis was set up by British Mathematics & its Application Academy, which was oriented to the world. The age of the competitors should less than 31. Only the first and second prizes were set up. The majority of the prize-winners are doctors form the first-class universities in the occident. In this competition there were 6 winners, including 1 first prize winner and 5 second prize winners.

Multigrid Methods is the most effective way of solving an algebraic equation group. Since the year of 1983, scholars from U.S.A and other countries in the world held a multigrid meeting every two years at Copper Mountain, which has become an important platform for international academic circle to issue and exchange relevant research findings on Multigrid Methods. In 1997 Student Paper Competition was set up oriented to the world. The competitors should be students or those who gets the doctor’s degree less than year. Only three of them can win the prizes. More than 100 participants attended this meeting including many world-class experts and scholars in the field of multigrid, among whom three had won Student Paper Competition.


School of Mathematics and Computational Science
Aug. 30, 2009