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Japanese Prof. Kato Visits XTU


On September 15, entrust by the President of Kagoshima University Prof. Hiroshi Yoshida, the Project Director Professor Kato from Department of International Strategy Kagoshima University, visited our university and was warmly received by our Vice-President Liu Changgeng. During the visit, Vice-President Liu Changgeng indicated that the friendship between Kagoshima University and Xiangtan University dates back a long time. XTU attaches great importance to friendly and cooperative relations with Kagoshima University, hoping the two universities will make a long-time and profound exchange and cooperation in more fields in the future. The persons in charge of International Exchange Center and some alumni who ever studied in XTU from Kagoshima University attended the meeting.

Kagoshima University is the first foreign university that has established good relations with our university since 1986, with a 23-year history of frequent communication between each other. And there were two purposes for this trip of Prof. Kato. One was to confirm the preparation work for 60th anniversary of Kagoshima University which President Luo He’an would attend with delegation in November and the discussion content between the presidents at the anniversary; the other was to plan to establish Alumni Association of Kagoshima University to promote the Kagoshima University to make exchange and cooperation in more fields with the other universities in Hunan, especially with XTU.


International Exchange Center
Sep. 16, 2009