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XTU Participates in the Water Special Project


On June 20 2009, National Management Office for the major Science and Technology Project--Water Pollution Control and Treatment (referred to as “Water Special Project”) holds a review meeting on Water Special Project. The theme was about river, including two projects. One was Research and Integrated Demonstration on Key Technology of Remediation of Heavy Metal Contamination of Water Environment of Xiangjiang River (referred to as “Xiangjiang River Water Special Project”). The other sub-project was Reduction and Integrated Remediation Technology of Heavy Metals in Waste Water of Qingshuitang Industrial Zone. Deputy Director of National Management Office for Water Special Project, Liu Zhiquan hosted the meeting and Researcher Wang Zijian who was from Ecological Environment Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences was appointed as the team leader of panel of experts. Xiangtan University was adopted as the leading unit of the sub-project in this meeting. 

Water Special Project (WSP) is one of sixteen major projects established by the State Council according to National Guideline on Medium- and Long-Term Program for Science and Technology Development (2006-2020), aiming at providing a powerful S&T support for water pollution control and treatment. It is a project with the biggest investment of over 30 billion yuan since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Xiangjiang River Water Special Project is one of only a few projects that are listed in the WAP except the national key control area of water pollution including “three rivers”, “three lakes”, “one river”, “one reservoir”. It will effectively control heavy metals contamination in the demonstration areas by technique research, integrative creation and engineering demonstration, and provide a powerful technology support to realize the improvement the water of the whole Xiangjiang River. And it has seven sub-projects which will be accomplished within 12 years of three phases including 11th Five Year, 12th Five Year and 13th Five Year. In the last two years of the 11th Five Year, 45 million yuan will be used for project study. The third project is in the charge of Xiangtan University, with Prof. Luo He’an being the responsible person and Senior Engineer Huang Liqun being responsible person in charge of technique. The source and component of the third project funds are as follows: 6.18 million yuan national funds and no less than 15 million yuan local finance and enterprise matching funds including 4 million yuan local finance, 11 million yuan enterprises matching funds. And the total of funds is 21.18 million yuan. The study period is from January 2009 to December 2010.

That our university has done a great deal of preliminary research work in the water pollution control and treatment of Qingshuitang Industrial Zone of Zhuzhou qualified us to compete for this project. From 2008, the university leaders attached great importance of this matter. Science and Technology Department and Chemical Industry Engineer arranged a special project writing group to write the implementation plan, organize experts to argument, revise and improve the declaration materials repeatedly, and actively coordinate with the government functional departments and relevant units. So this made our university become outstanding among the numerous competing units and win the bid. This project will effectively promote the development of environmental discipline and other related disciplines of our university and improve our ability to serve for the development of local economy and society.