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Technical Physics Teaching Team in XTU Identified as National-level



According to the recently issued Notice from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance on Project Construction of National-level Teaching Team in 2009, "Technical Physics Teaching Team" led by Prof. Zhong Jianxin was identified as national-level in 2009.


"Technical Physics Teaching Team" was formed in the early eighties of the last century, which aims at cultivating innovative talents with a solid physical foundation and mastery of technique physics application skills. At present, it became a teaching and research teaming led by Prof. Zhong Jianxin who is also Changjiang Scholar and National Model Teacher. This team has cultivated a lot of outstanding talents including 4 Changjiang Scholars, 3 winners of National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar, 2 New Century Excellent Talents in University and 1 winner of National Top-100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation. Among these people, Yuan Huiqiu is the youngest Changjiang Scholar in the whole nation, whose outstanding research results have been published in Nature, Science and other international authoritative academic journals.


Teaching team construction is an important part of "quality project", through which we can reform teaching content and method, develop teaching resources, promote discussion and exchange of experience in teaching and improve the teaching level of the young teachers. At the same time, we can explore the operation mode of teaching team on the aspect of organizational structure, operating mechanism, supervisory and restrictive mechanism, which can also provide some experience that can be widely introduced to other universities for training teachers.


"Technical Physics Teaching Team" is the fourth national-level teaching team won by our university after wining "Materials and Devices Teaching Team", "Computational Mathematics Teaching Team" and "English Teaching Team".


Academic Affair Office
Oct. 13, 2009