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The Fifth College Students DV Culture and Art Festival Opens



On the evening of October 22, the Fifth China College Students DV Culture and Art Festival, jointly hosted by the Chinese College Students Online of the Ministry of Education, 2010 Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion Leading Group Office and Xiangtan University, ceremoniously unveiled its curtain in XTU. The college students showed their youthful dreams by recording the performances produced and directed by themselves on DV with the slogan “this moment, this place and these people”, which is an entirely new form displaying their vibrant mental outlook.

A lot of people attended the opening ceremony, including Li Yongzhi, Li Yongzhi, Director of Network Section of Social Science Research and Ideological Work Department of the Ministry of Education, Yan Zhijian, Deputy Editor of Higher Education Press and Director of Chinese College Students Online Development Center, Mao Zhuchen, Vice Minister of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau of the China Pavilion, Gu Lei, Producer of "Love Movies" column of CCTV-6, Xia Zhilun, full-time committee of Hunan Education and Work Councils and Party Member of Education Department of Hunan Province, Xiao Guo’an, Secretary of Party Committee of XTU, Li Bochao, Vice Secretary of Party Committee of XTU, Xia Guohua, Vice President of XTU, Liu Changqing, Chief Accountant of XTU etc.

On the opening ceremony, Xiao Guo’an, Xia Zhilun, Gu Lei, Mao Chenzhu, Yan Zhijian, Li Yongzhi delivered speeches successively. Xiao Guo’an briefly introduced basic situation about the history, construction and development in recent years and indicated that to cultivate high-quality talents is the mission of the universities. In addition to do a good job in classroom teaching, we particularly attach great importance to the function of campus culture to educate people. A characteristic, recreational, lively campus culture system has been constructed, in which there are three-level cultural activities(university activities, class cultural construction and dormitory cultural construction), three-type cultural activities (comprehensive cultural activities, academic professional cultural activities, characteristic cultural activities) and three- style cultural activities (mass cultural activities, elite cultural activities and academic cultural activities). All these activities played an irreplaceable important part in the improvement of the overall quality of the young students. When talking about this DV culture and art festival, Xiao Guo’an indicated that the theme of this festival is “entrepreneurship and growing up of college students”, which is significant to cultivate and enhance the entrepreneurial consciousness and self-reliance of the college students, improve the core competitiveness of entrepreneurship, and further strengthen and improve ideological and political work.

According to the organizing committee, the current DV Culture and Art Festival will be a DV cultural event following the first four DV festival, highlighting the theme ---"entrepreneurship and growing up of college students" which is not only a good tradition of the past culture of excellence DV to retain the classic activities, but also launched a series of the activities reflecting the humanistic care with the largest number of students. The main activities include the opening ceremony, DV Red Classic operas staged, the mascot collection contest, image design competition, college show, China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo as well as the closing ceremony and so on.

It is learned that in April 2004, Students Associations Union of XTU founded the first university students DV Film Festival, first time for college students to make a self-compiled, self-guided, self-performed DV. In April 2005, the second Student DV Culture and Art Festival made a brave attempt to further dilute the region concept to achieve shared campus cultural resources, so that DV Festival gradually grew into a "national" brand college students cultural activity. The Fourth College Students DV Culture and Art Festival invited not only the mainland university students, but also the students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to make this festival a real national cultural activity.

The DV Festival has sent a DV collection notice to 258 colleges and universities including 114 “211 Project Universities”. The type of the collected works includes the DV, documentary, MTV, TV essay, advertisement, etc., and the category covers story DV, documentary, comedy, and inspirational DV.


By Journalist Jiang Haiwen from Journal of Xiangtan University
Source: Propaganda Department
Oct. 23, 2009