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Experts from 7 Countries gather at Hunan Discussing Nanotechnology



On October 24 the 8th China International Nano-Science and Technology Symposium (2009) was held in Xiangtan, more than 600 experts and scholars from seven countries including the United States, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Japan and Iran etc got together and made an in-depth discussion about latest progress and development trend in nano-science and technology at home and abroad.

President Luo He’an attended this symposium and delivered a speech. He indicated that it was a big academic conference in the field of nano-science and technology in 2009 with lots of experts and scholars’ participants. The symposium provided a rare opportunity and would exert a positive and far-reaching influence on the discipline construction and science research of XTU.

During this conference, some main activities were held such as "special academic seminar", "production, teaching & research exchanging meeting", "nanotechnology products Expo", "research finding wall newspaper" etc. Dr. G. Malcolm Stocks, leader of Material Theoritical Research Center of Oak Ridge National Laboratory of USDOC, Prof. Maksim Skorobogatiy, Chairman of Photonic Crystals Research of Canada, Prof. Zhong Jianxin, Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry and Dean of Faulty of Materials, Optoelectronics and Physics of XTU, made an academic report separately. The titles were as follows: Magnetic Values of Solid under Nano-scale, Transitioning from Micro to Nano-photonics with Photonic Crystal Fibers, Regulation of Nature of Two-dimensional Quantum Film Electronics. The participants discussed about many advancing problems including technology of preparing, performance research and its application of nanotechnology, physical properties and its application of metal and inorganic non-metallic materials, nanotechnology applied to detection technology and micro-nano devices of biology, medicine, environmental protection, nano-film and surface treatment, one-dimensional nanomaterials and nano powders, particles, nano-micro structure, morphology and self-assembled growth, analog computation and theoretical analysis etc.

Nanotechnology is a high and new technology emerging in recent years. "Nanometer" mainly refers to the substance calculated by the scale of nanometer (a length unit of measurement equal to 1 / 1000, 000,000 m), whose special properties can be applied in the different fields. Therefore it is referred to as "nanotechnology." Nanotechnology has been successfully applied in medicine, pharmacy, chemical and biological testing, manufacturing, optics, and defense etc. Nano-cloth, nano-clothing has been in volume production. For example, computers work clothes, non-static clothes, and ultraviolet radiation-proof clothes have come out. If we add a new paint with nanotechnology, washing fastness will increase more than tenfold and there will be no-toxic, no harmless and no-odor. Nanotechnology is improving peoples quality of life. Authorities predict that there will be a bright future for nanotechnology which can make enormous economic benefits. In 2010 the profits made by nanotechnology market is estimated to reach 1.44 trillion USD. The application of nanotechnology in the future will be far more than the computer industry.

Insiders pointed out that at present Chinas nano-science and technology research has caught up with international research, especially it has taken a leading position in the basic research of nanotechnology. The symposium will give a strong impetus to the development of nano-technology in China and further expand the nanotechnology in application of the energy, environmental protection, medicine etc.

This conference was hosted by China Society of Micro-Nano Technology and IEEE-NTC, jointly organized by Xiangtang University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and Editorial Department of Nano-Science and Technology, and co-organized by Xi’an Science & Technology Bureau and Xi’an Science & Technology Association.

By Journalist Jiang Haiwen from Journal of Xiangtan University
Source: Propaganda Department of CPCC of XTU
Oct. 26, 2009