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Inaugural Conference on Online Campus Network News Agency of Chinese College Students Held in XTU



On the morning of October 23, Inaugural Conference on Chinese College Students Online Campus Network News Agency of the Ministry of Education and Conference on Training Work of Campus Network Communication Station were held in XTU, on which representatives from 82 universities including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xiangtan University received an online campus network communication station plaque one by one, marking the work of Chinese college students online campus newsletter channels has come into another new phase.

A lot of people attended the conference including Yang Zhenbin, Director-General of Ideological and Political Work Department of the Ministry of Education, Li Yongzhi, Director of Network Section of Ideological and Political Work Department of the Ministry of Education, Yan Zhijian, Deputy Editor of Higher Education and Press Director of Chinese College Students Online Development Center, Ma Lei, Deputy Managing Director of Chinese College Students Online Development Center, Xia Zhilun, full-time Committee of Hunan Education and Work Councils and Party Member of Education Department of Hunan Province, Xiao Guo’an, Secretary of Party Committee of XTU, Li Bochao, Vice Secretary of Party Committee of XTU. And it was chaired by Li Bochao.

Yang Zhenbin, delivered an important speech on the conference, stressing that the establishment of the university campus network news agency was a positive movement to deal with attack and challenge of the ideological and political education work in the universities brought by new media and a creativity under new circumstance to face the adjustment of university network culture construction and management work made by the media. Meanwhile, Yang Zhenbin put forward five observations and recommendations on how to do a good job in campus network publicity. First, we should give full play to characteristics and advantages of the campus network news agency and make every effort to make it closer to college students; second, to strengthen the full coverage of university network communication by means of the improvement and effective operation of working mechanism; third, to gradually cultivate and train a campus communication team which has the social responsibility and can make the campus news more authentic and accurate; fourth, we must implement organizational structure and management system of the campus network news agency; last, we should pay attention to attract college students and relevant audience with rich, healthy and accurate contents.

Luo He’an also made a speech at the conference, indicating that the establishment of Chinese College Students Online Campus Network News Agency plays an active part in enriching colorful campus life and disseminating campus information with healthy and high-quality. He also expressed that our university would continue to build online channel of Chinese college students and make it become first portal and the on-line spiritual home welcomed by all the Chinese students with brother universities.

It is said that the college campus network communications station is mainly responsible for collecting the campus newsletters, ideological and political information, employment trends, social practice, counselors’ blog and other related information, to timely lease the information about ideological and political work and campus culture construction of all the universities in the country to education authority and all the universities. The web site is made to become a platform to publish the first-hand information and news, which will gradually form a clear site-oriented characteristics with self news features.

At present, more than 120 universities have set up a campus network station, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Peoples University of China, Nankai University, Wuhan University, Nanjing University etc.

An expert profession seminar, campus network communication job training and campus network communication discussion were also organized on this conference.

By Journalist Jiang Haiwen from Journal of Xiangtan University
Source: Propaganda Department of CPCC of XTU
Oct. 23, 2009