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The Third International Seminar on State and Society of the Late Qing Period Held in XTU



From October 24 to 26, more than 40 experts and scholars from France, South Korea and more than 20 universities and research institutes of China gathered at XTU to participate in the Third International Seminar on State and Society of the Late Qing Period. Wang Jiping, Vice President of XTU, Jiang Tao, Institute of Modern History of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the meeting.

On the opening ceremony, Wang Jiping pointed out in his speech that this seminar was a major academic event in the field of the late Qing Period history research with lots of participants, which built a good platform for further deepening research and exploration of the late Qing Period history and strengthening the cooperation and exchange of experts and scholars at home and abroad. Meanwhile, it is bound to play an important role in promoting discipline construction and scientific study. On behalf of Institute of Modern History of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiang Tao made a passionate speech on the opening of this seminar.

The seminar was jointly hosted by the Institute of Modern History of CAS and XTU. During the three-day conference, 12 experts and scholars made a report including Researcher Jiang Tao and Han Zhiyuan, Institute of Modern History of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Li Yumin, School of History and Culture of Hunan Normal University, Prof. Guo Hanmin, College of Philosophy & History Culture of XTU, Prof. Guan Xiaohong, History Department of Sun Yat-sen University, Associate Prof. Lu Kang, French Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Post-doctoral Researcher Li Xiuping, Seoul National University(also a lecturer from History Department of Sung Kyun Kwan University ). Two branch conferences were set up, and more than 20 scholars made an academic discussion in groups. The participating scholars made lively discussion about many issues such as Xiang army group, Huai army group and their influence on the late Qing society and political reforms, financial crisis, mass uprising and revolution etc.

Our university always attaches great importance to humanity and social science research, especially taking full advantage of adjacent to Zeng Guofan’s hometown. We have formed outstanding characteristics and advantages in the research of Zeng Guofan, Hunan people, history and culture of the late Qing Dynasty, especially Xiang army group. In recent years, we have presided over some high-level research projects such as the State Social Science Fund Project, the National Educational Science "Tenth Five-Year Plan" key project and published more than 40 academic monographs.

By Journalist Liu Jianxiang from Xiangtan Journal
Source: Propaganda Department of Party Committee of XTU
Oct. 27, 2009