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China Leads the World in Basic Research of Nanotechnology



China has led the world in basic research of nanotechnology, which was learned by the journalists from the 8th China International Nano-Science and Technology Symposium (2009) held in Xiangtan University. More than 600 experts and scholars from seven countries including the United States, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Japan and Iran etc attended this high standard research activity. The experts called on all the countries to strengthen cooperation and further strive to make technological breakthrough of nanotechnology application.

In recent years, China has attached great importance to basic research of nanotechnology, promulgating National Program of Nanotechnology Development. Nanotechnology R & D has been listed in the major program. Through the implementation of "863 Program", "973 Program" preparation of nano-materials and nanotechnology research has got prominent results, drawing international attention. A number of nanotechnology research and development center have been established, such as National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Nano-Biotechnology Key Laboratory. Local Nanoscience and Technology R & D Promoting Center have been established in Shanghai, Xian, Dalian etc. China took the lead in the world in 2005 to issue and implement 7 nanometer technology and product standards, laying the foundation for the leading position on that aspects.

According to Prof. Zhong Jianxin, Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education and Dean of Faculty of Materials, Optoelectronics and Physics of XTU, compared with basic research, application research in the world is at preliminary stage. There is still a big disparity between China and developed countries. Experts called on every country to strengthen the cooperation on this respect. On the conference, the participants discussed about many advancing problems such as technology of preparing, performance research and its application of nano-materials, physical properties and its application of metal and inorganic non-metallic materials. Meanwhile some main activities were held including "special academic seminar", "production, teaching & research exchanging meeting", "nanotechnology products Expo", "research finding wall newspaper" etc. Authorities believe that the symposium will help promote Chinas development of nanotechnology application research and further expand the application of nanotechnology in the energy, environmental protection and medicine etc.

This conference was jointly hosted by China Society of Micro-Nano Technology and IEEE-NTC and organized by Xiangtang University and other units.

By Journalist Yao Xuewen, Reporter Jiang Haiwen
From Important News Edition of Hunan Daily
Oct. 27, 2009