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Our Delegation Visits University of Leon in Spain



This is the fifth year for XTU to cooperate with University of Leon, when the first students graduated under this system. The delegation from XTU went to visit Spain and arrived there on Nov. 4. It included five people: Prof. Xiao Guo’an, Secretary of CPCC of XTU, Prof. Ji Shuihe, Dean of School of literature and Journalism of XTU, Prof. Shu Shi, Dean of School of Mathematics of XTU, Xiao Qisen, Head of Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, Prof. Wang Xianyou, Head of International and Exchange Center. Within a few days, they attended the graduation ceremony for the first graduated students, visited the Mayor of Leon, and then visited University of Murcia, Technical University of Catalonia which had the signed the cooperation agreements with XTU. They made a productive discussion with the three universities about many issues, involving running universities under the international cooperation, students’ exchange, teachers’ exchange, staff training, cooperated scientific research, declaring EU cooperative projects, joint establishment of Confucius Institute etc.

The President of University of Leon made a warm reception to our delegation, showing an enthusiastic welcome to us for attending the graduation ceremony. He thought the two sides had made a success in this cooperation and hoped that the cooperation could be further deepened and developed and more success would be made in more fields. They discussed about the progress of the joint establishment of the Confucius Institute. And the relevant work had been done by University of Leon. During the visit to the Mayor, the Mayor expressed that Chinese and western educational cooperation made by University of Leon and XTU set a successful example and the city would support the establishment of Confucius Institute at its best in the aspects of land and finance. On Nov. 9, Chinas ambassador to Spain was invited to visit University of Leon. He made a full affirmation about the achievements made by cooperation in running schools and said that embassy would fully support the application and founding of Confucius Institute.

During the visit to University of Murcia, the President said he went to Shanghai, China two years ago, and made a discussion with Mr. Wang Xianyou, International Exchange Center of XTU on the cooperation. University of Murcia attached great importance to the relationship with Asian countries, especially the relationship with China; He believed that the visit of XTU would further promote the cooperation. The two sides made an agreement on application of EU projects, scientific cooperation and joint cultivation of students. They decided that they would start to exchange students from 2010-2011, if they had corresponding major, no matter undergraduates or graduate students.

Technical University of Catalonia paid much attention to the visit of our delegation, and introduced them the situation of teaching, scientific research and international exchange and cooperation of the university. The delegation visited of Thermal Energy Conversion Center and labs, then made a formal agreement on scientific cooperation and joint cultivation of Ph. D students. A Ph. D student from School of Mathematics of XTU would study for this project.

Through this visit, the achievements were made as follows (1) further consolidate the relationship with cooperation universities, increased mutual understanding; further expand our overseas influence and improved the international reputation through reports by three newspapers and television abroad (2) Officially clarified step and tempo of construction of Confucius institute (3) Regulate the measures for the administration of overseas students to further the cooperation in running schools can be standard and order. (4) Apply for and join the EU cooperative scientific research projects with the cooperative universities and teacher training programs with scholarships provided by the cooperative universities, which exerts an important significance on exploring new fields of scientific research work and teacher training.

International Exchange Center
Nov. 18, 2009