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President Luo He’an Leads a Delegation to Visit Japan



At the invitation of President Hiroshi Yoshida of Kagoshima University of Japan, President Luo He’an of XTU led a delegation to attend the 60th founding anniversary of Kagoshima University and 100th founding anniversary of Faculty of Agriculture on November 23. Kagoshima University has invited altogether three university presidents abroad to participate in this celebration. And President Luo and his delegation have been given a warm reception from Kagoshima University. On the founding ceremony of Kagoshima University, President Luo delivered a passionate speech to congratulate the achievements made by Kagoshima University in the passed 60 years, which was given good comments by the participants and teachers and students of Kagoshima University. During the celebration, the two presidents made a cordial discussion indicating that in the future based on “mutual benefits, mutual trust, and seek common development” Kagoshima University and XYU will further expand the width of cooperation of talents cultivation, e.g. the scale of undergraduates and graduates exchange and exploration of Joint Doctoral Promotion Program; further promote the cooperation of depth of talents cultivation through some useful attempts in curriculum provision, teaching methods reform and evaluation of teaching quality; further construct diversified cooperation modes including teachers and researchers exchange and cooperated research to realize good-quality teaching resources sharing.

Kagoshima University is the first foreign university that signed the cooperative and exchange agreement with XTU. Since 1986 when the two became friendly universities, they have made successful exchange and cooperation in the field of leaders’ visits, the exchange of research staff and teachers, student exchanges.

After that the delegation paid a visit to Osaka City University and Kyoto University. During the visit to Osaka City University, they received a warm reception from Dr. King, President of Osaka City University, Dr. Tang Zeli, Vice President, who is responsible for academic affairs and Dr Nishikura who is the Dean of Business College. They made a discussion about the exchange and cooperation between two sides. During the visit of Institute for Human Sciences of Kyoto University, they were warmly received by the Head of the institute Prof. Hiroshi Ishikawa and world-renowned expert Mr. Takeuchi Minoru. They made a discussion about the research on Mao Zedong Thought.

The visit to Japan not only deepened the friendship between the original cooperated universities in Japan and our university, but also explored new channels for communication and cooperation, which exerted an important significance on the exchange and cooperation with famous Japanese universities.

International Exchange Center
December 3, 2009