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Xiangtan Personnel Bureau and Other Departments Inspect the Work of Foreign Experts


On the morning of December 3, Yi Xiangning, Deputy Director General of Xiangtan Personnel Bureau led other four people from Xiangtan Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs,  Foreign Affairs Department, Public Security Bureau and Bureau of Education inspected the work of foreign experts of XTU. The person in charge of International Exchange Center of XTU showed warm welcome to them. He made a report about the foreign affairs made by our university, especially the achievements and difficulties related to the work of foreign experts in recent years. Then he made an introduction about some key practices and experience in the aspect of foreign affairs working system construction, foreign experts’ living and working conditions, cultural life in campus, as well as file construction of foreign experts.


Deputy Director General Yi Xiangning and his entourage spoke highly of the management of foreign experts of XTU and made a full confirmation about experience on management institutionalization, digital archives and informatization. They indicated that they would learn from the successful experience of our university to boost a sound and fast development the management of foreign experts in the city .

International Exchange Center
Dec.3, 2009