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Our School Students Won First Prize of One Show China Young Creative Competition


Recently, 2009 One Show China Young Creative Competition sponsored by One Club of the United States came to an end at Beijing. Our school students Kuang Fu (from 07 Advertising), Li Lin (from 07 Advertising), Zhang Qiongyou (from 07 Advertising), Lan Bowen (from 07 Editing and Publishing), Li Jian (07 Animating) teamworked with other five students from Hunan Institute of Science and Technology winning the competition title, besides, video work from these five guys of our school have won One Show Young Creative Camp Silver Award.

One Show Advertising Awards sponsored by One Club was founded in 1975. Judges are renowned in international and a strong team of those creative directors determined this Awards the authoritative status of the advertising industry in the world. One Club has developed its activities and supported collage creative competitions in China since 2001. Creative competition organized annually, all entries first assessed by One Shows international judge panel and Chinas top creative designers online.

In this year One Show competition, contestants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other international countries enter “HP MCMS3.0”creative poster the first round elimination, then excellent team works selected into young creative camp having a training and enter the next round competition. There are more than 3500 groups entering for selection in China, and only 118 groups on the list. 16 students in our school divided into 4 groups entered the contest and all selected to entering the young creative camp. 
Selected teams were invited to Beijing for the new round competition at early December. In Li Ning headquarter, contestants received the topic of 2009 One Show creative brief, that is about Li Ning integrated marketing concept. It is required 118 groups complete their works within 4 days and make proposals for final competition.

In the new round competition, Kuang Fu, Li Lin, Zhang Qiongyou, Lan Bowen, Li Jian and other five students from Hunan Institute of Science and Technology formed a new team, Kuang Fu as the team leader. Under the guidance of Su Qiuping and Saatchi & Saatchi who are the authorities of national advertising industry, and with two effective regulation of strategy, Kuang Fu led the whole team winning the qualification as one of the 16 promoted groups at December 10, and successfully presented their final proposal.

The final proposal assessment was held at Tsting Hua University Academy of Fine Arts Auditorium, dozens of the world’s top advertising executives and senior management of Li Ning organized as assessment committee. In these final proposals, Kuang Fu-team proposed the “Big Idea” enjoying great popularity of committee members, and got the highest score without controversy. Finally, Kuang Fu-team won the first prize of 2009 One Show China Young Creative Competition, and No. 106 creative team a professional team from Taiwan gained the second prize.

Besides, video work “Shoot your own movie” entry for “HP MCMS3.0” selection made by Kuang Fu, Li Lin, Zhang Qiongyou, Lan Bowen, Li Jian has also caught judge’s eye and won One Show Young Creative Camp Silver Award.

This is the first try our school students for national advertising competition. Thanks to our Teaching Affairs Division and Literature & Journalism College great supports, and congratulate these excellent students on their wonderful performance.

Literature & Journalism Institute
December 24, 2009