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New Year Speech(2010)(Remarks)


New Year’s Speech
Secretary of the CPC of XTU: Xiao Guo’an
President of XTU: Luo He’an

Dear Comrades, Students and Friends,


The bell of the New Year bids farewell to fruitful 2009 and ushers in the hopeful 2010. On this occasion of the coming new year, please allow us, on behalf of the Party committee and the administration of Xiangtan University, to extend our new years greetings and good wishes to all hardworking faculty, all assiduous and vigorous students, all retired comrades who paid close attention to the growth of our university, and all alumni both at home and abroad and people of all walks of life who made positive contributions to the construction and development of our university.


The year of 2009 has witnessed the wisdom, courage and progress of Xiangtan University according to the goal and strategy of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan. Since 2009, comrades, students and friends have worked hard together to write down a brand new chapter in the history of Xiangtan University: new development of the discipline and degree construction, new level of scientific research and achievement transfer, new achievements of teaching reform and talent cultivation, steady improvement of teaching staff construction level, and further enhancement of comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. The rapid development of our university received great concern and full confirmation from the leaders of the Party and the country once again. Comrade He Guoqiang, Members of the CPC Central Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, cordially met with the persons in charge of Xiangtan University. Comrade Liu Yandong, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and State Councilor, inspected our university and instructed clearly: “CPC Central Committee and State Council will give full support to Xiangtan University that Chairman Mao advocated to establish”. This greatly encouraged all the staff and students to love and develop our university.


The year of 2010 is the first year when Xiangtan University will start fully teaching-oriented high-level construction. In the coming year we sincerely hope the staff and faculty will aim to grand goal, firmly establish the school-running concept---“towards the society, serve the society and lead the society”, implement the working principle of “reform, improvement, quality and feature”, abide by the working idea of “five adherences”, and unite and work hard for the university; all the students will adhere to the university motto “extensive learning and work persistently; exalted virtue and continuous innovation”, continue to carry forward the good tradition of Xiangtan University, make self-improvement and forge ahead; all retired comrades, alumni both at home and abroad and people of all walks of life will continue to pay close attention to the growth and construction of our university and make more contributions to construct a stronger province in education and a powerful country with talents.


Happy New Year, Good Health and Good Luck!
All of you!

Publicity Department