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Prof. Tan Songting Subject Group Makes Important Achievement in Organic-Polymer Optoelectronic M


In recent years, subsidized by National Natural Science Foundation and Major Projects of Hunan Provincial Program for Fundamental Research, Prof. Tang Songting subject group has made significant headway in the field of organic-polymer optoelectronic materials. The photoelectric transformation efficiency of dyes-sensibilized solar battery made from the new-type organic molecule dyes synthetized by the subject group itself has been enhanced continuously. With the efficiency breaking 9%, the solar battery tops among the best of the similar organic solar batteries in the world. Its research findings have been published on many high-ranking international professional periodicals such as Chemical Communication(2009, 2499, SCI, Impact Factor5.3, II Sector) run by the Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC), Journal of Materials Chemistry (2010, 20, 1140,SCI, Impact Factor ,4.6.I Sector), Macromolecules(2008, 41, 5716, SCI. Impact Factor 4.4,I Sector) run by the American Chemical Society(ACS) and Journal of Physics Chemistry B (2009, 113, 4203, SCI. Impact Factor4.1,II Sector). Among them, the paper Synthesis and Photovoltaic Properties of Polythiophene Stars with Porphyrin Core published on Journal of Materials Chemistry was selected as the outstanding scientific research from Mainland China and Hong Kong in Nature China in last January. The highlight of the paper has already been carried on the website of Nature (natureCHINA.com). Every week, the editors survey the international scientific literature to identify the best and up-to-the-minute papers published by Chinese people, keeping the scientists around the world informed of the most significant research coming out of mainland China and Hong Kong.


While yielding high-level scientific achievements, Tan Songting Subject Group has also cultivated outstanding personnel. Lu Junjian, a postgraduate in 2008, boasts of the Outstanding Thesis of Master Degree in Hunan Province. Li Hui, a postgraduate in 2009, wins the Madame Curie Scholarship of EU and studies for a PhD in University of Bern in Switzerland without examination. And Liu Yijiang is a winner of the President’s Award of Xiangtan University.

Chemistry School
Feb. 20, 2010