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Professors of Wayne State University of America Visit XTU


From May 15 to 19, Professor Charles Manke and Professor Yinlun Huang, directors of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Wayne State University, USA paid a visit to the School of Chemical Engineering of our university and discussed matters of mutual exchange and cooperation with our teachers. Prof. Luo He’an, president of Xiangtan University, Prof. Liu Yuejin, dean of School of Chemical Engineering, Prof. Liu Pingle, Prof. Zhou Jicheng, Prof. Zeng Hongyan, Prof. Ai Qiuhong, Prof. Zhu Weiguo, dean of School of Chemistry, Prof. Cai Yuanli and so on participated in the discussion. The two sides briefed on their scientific researches and teaching activities respectively and signed a memorandum of collaboration in terms of “3+2” Model to jointly cultivate undergraduates and graduates as well as research cooperation.



On May 18, Prof. Yinlun Huang gave a lecture in the Library Lecture Hall titled “Challenges from Sustainable Development and Frontier Research of Chemical Engineering”. He put forward a sustainable method designed by means of multi-scale, illuminated with pictures and words the molecular scale design of nano materials, pollution prevention of surface coating system, sustainable development based on industrial parks, and aired his opinions and suggestions on some questions raised by students in terms of sustainability of projects, environmental problems and employment issues etc.


During the visit in XTU, Prof. Yinlun Huang held a symposium with some young teachers and graduates of School of Chemical Engineering. At the symposium, proceeding from the students’questions and combining his own experience, Prof. Huang tabled a proposal, that is, one should be a person who dares to think, who can be trusted by others and who is good at promoting himself/herself. In harmonious and cordial atmosphere, the young teachers and graduates felt inspired and enlightened.

School of Chemical Engineering
May 21, 2010