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Mao Pengfei Wins the Title of the First “100 Rising Stars of Chinese MBA”


Hosted by the National Committee for MBA Education, the 11th MBA Forum and the 1st EMBA Forum of China were ceremoniously held at University of Science and Technology of China from June 5 to 6, 2010. Many leaders attended the forums including Li Jun, Associate Dean of Academic Degrees Committee Office of the State Council, Tong Yunhuan, Secretary-General of the National Committee for MBA Education, and Tang Chengpei, Vice Governor of Anhui Province etc.. The event honored the first 10 elites of Chinese MBA and 100 Rising Stars of Chinese MBA. The winners were selected from 309 outstanding representatives of MBA and EMBA from 184 universities over the whole nation. Through the external vote and 1293 on-site vote, Mao Pengfei, MBA representative of XTU was awarded “100 Rising Stars of Chinese MBA” with his great achievements in technological innovation, ranking the 4th in the whole nation. He was the only MBA representative awarded that honor in Hunan Province, which fully demonstrated the fruitful achievement made in MBA Education by XTU and highlighted the strength and elegance of MBA students.

The 11th MBA Forum and the 1st EMBA Forum of China are the largest-scaled and the most influential national pageants in Chinese MBA education circle. Themed by “Innovation & Low Carbon Economy”, more than 1200 elite representatives from the United States, Europe, Singapore, education circle and enterprises of China as well as nearly 200 famous MBA and EMBA universities at home and abroad such as the University of Utah, City University of Hong Kong, Macao University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Asia-Pacific University etc. took part in the forum. A number of well-known media reported in the overall process including CCTV, Anhui Satellite TV, CCTV Networks, Tencent Network, Sina, Sohu, China MBA Education Network and China Education Online.



Source: Business School and MBA Association of XTU
Reporters: Su Yingjiang, Yu Zhiqiang and Yi Rui