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2010 Graduation Ceremony Grandly Convened


With the solemn national anthem, Prof. Luo He’an, president and chairman of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of Xiangtan University pushed aside the tassel. The movement and memory of this moment will inscribe in the minds of the 8095 graduates.


On June 22, the 2010 graduation ceremony of Xiangtan University was grandly convened at the university hall. Xiao Guoan, secretary of the Party committee of Xiangtan University chaired over the ceremony, and many university leaders such as Luo He’an, Huang Yunqing, Li Bochao, Dai Feijun, Zhou Yichun, Ning Jianmin, Xia Guohua, Gao Xieping, Zheng Chijian, Assistant to President Tan Yuanqiang and Zhang Hailiang witnessed the exciting moment.


President Luo He’an quoted from Great Master Xingyun to encourage the graduates. And he hoped that the graduates will have lofty aspiration, care about national destiny, state growth and people’s wellbeing, impact and benefit society with their youth and talent, and try to be a person beneficial to society and the masses.


Secretary Xiao said to the graduates meaningfully that your graduation from Xiangtan University marks your lifelong school fellowship of this university. No matter where you go and what you undertake, you represent Xiangtan University. Mr. Xiao pointed out graduation is not only celebration of ending, but embrace of another beginning; not only commemoration of completion, but proclamation of progress. He hoped that all the graduates could keep and carry forward the fine qualities bestowed by Xiangtan University, add luster for the Alma Mater in good spirit and by outstanding performance. He also made a hope that they could care, support and popularize the Alma Mater as always do and make contributions to XTU’s brighter future.


 “Xiangtan University is a gorgeous stage for us to express ourselves; Xiangtan University is a fertile field for us to thrive; Xiangtan University is a piece of blue sky for us to fly freely. We may go a long way off, but never will we walk out of the soul plaza of the Alma Mater.” Sun Lina, representative of the undergraduate from the College of Literature and Journalism spoke out the mind of all graduates.


At the graduation ceremony & degree-conferring ceremony, Vice President Zhou Yichun read out the resolution on the conferment of a masters or doctors degree. Associate Professor Zhu Runliang, master’s tutor from School of Chemical Engineering Industry, Ma Gesheng, winner of the special award of President’s Award and graduate student of Public Management School, and Xing Guo from School of Mechanical Engineering delivered speeches on behalf of tutors, graduate students and graduates respectively.


The closing ceremony of the 15th Graduate Academic Festival kicked off at that afternoon. Li Ya, president of University Graduate Student Council reviewed the major tasks and achievements of this festival while making the working report. Vice President Huang Yunqing read out the commending decision of President’s Award to Graduates. Doctoral candidate Xie Helou, master degree candidate Ma Gesheng and other four postgraduates won the special award, Xu Ning and the other doctoral candidate, Wan Bo and another seventeen postgraduates were awarded a prize for excellence. The participating university leaders presented the awards to their would-be owners. Among them, thirty-seven are Ph. D holders, 1257 master degree holders, 6011 undergraduates and 790 junior college students.


(Newspaper of Xiangtan University, Reporter: Jiang Haiwen)
(Source: Publicity Department of the Party Committee)