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Artists from China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre Staged Performance in XTU




On the evening of June 29, all seats in the Club of Xiangtan University were occupied. Enveloped in a heated atmosphere, the club resounded with storm of applauses and cheering voices. More than sixty artists from China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre presented an elegant musical feast to the over 2,000 teachers and students of XTU. Chen Xuechu, deputy secretary of Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, Li Bochao, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Xiangtan University, Ning Jianmin, secretary of University Committee for Disciplinary Inspection, Gao Xieping, vice president of Xiangtan University, Zheng Chijian, supervisor at the vice president level, Tan Yuanqiang, assistant to president and representatives present at the 2010 Joint Conference of Youth League Construction at Universities and Colleges in Hunan Province as well as teachers and students enjoyed the performance.


The concert raised its curtain with the cheerful and jubilant melody of Good Day and Back My Parents Home. After that, the songs of A Glass of Mellow Wine, Luhua (reed catkins), Ode to Coral and Hong Hu River sang by the well-known singers Zhang Lei, Sun Yuan, Sun Bo and Zhu Liqun enabled the audience to go through the situation personally, feel the unique charm of opera, and appreciate the extraordinary singing skills of sopranos. The baritone Gao Peng made people enjoy the enthusiasm by his Toreador song, while the tenor Li Zhentao ushered the audience to the fantastic “Turandot” scene by "Nessun Dorma" (Nobody shall sleep). The artists conveyed the essence of those classical works of Beautiful Grassland is My Home, Mother and Red Flowers Blooming All over the Mountain incisively and vividly with graceful ebullience, affectionate touching and vigorous surge. The relay-singing of revolutionary songs On the Taihang Mountain, My Motherland, Azalea, the Red Detachment of Women and Wan-chuan River reproduced the soul-stirring revolutionary days, leaving spectators with lingering aftertaste and sentiment.
Brilliant and full of climax, the performance won constant applause. Listening to the familiar and touching rhythm, the audience could not help beating time and singing with the artists. The show rounded off with the intriguing chorus of Meeting 20 Years Later. This concert was hosted by the famous singer Sun Yi, deputy secretary of the Party committee of China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre and head of opera troupe and winner of special government allowance of the State Council. In particular, his appealing, perceptive and imaginative hosting style formed another bright scene on the stage. Mr. Sun stated on the spot on several occasions that the trip of China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre to Xiangtan University enabled him to experience the first-class university culture and see top-ranking friends. He hoped that he would have another precious opportunity to give performance at the hometown of Chairman Mao Zedong.


                 Xiangtan University Committee of the Communist Youth League
                              July 1, 2010