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Three Badminton Champions Enrolled in XTU


Recently, good news came from the Office of Student Enrollment & Employment and School of Physical Education that three badminton champions were admitted to Public Management School of Xiangtan University to study administrative management from 2010 on. The three champions are Bao Chunlai, the world badminton champion, Zhang Sheng, champion of the mens singles and member of the winning team of the 2010 National Youth Badminton Games, and Dong Shuai, member of the group champions of the 2010 National Youth Badminton Games.
As the kingpin of China’s men’s singles, Bao Chunlai is busy preparing for the 18th World Badminton Championships. Zhang Sheng is undergoing training in the Chinese Badminton Team as its active member while Dong Shuai is a member of the Hunan Badminton Team.  
The enrollment of the three athletes will enhance performance of the badminton team of XTU to a great extend, thus promote the team’s competitiveness in the national university badminton games. 

                                                                                        School of Physical Education
                                                                                                          August 11, 2010