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Freshmen Enrolled in XTU










On Sep. 2, the red banner carrying the words of “Welcome New Students” at the gate of Xiangtan University struck the eyes in the cool breeze of autumn. XTU welcomed the freshmen from thirty-one provinces (cities, districts) across the country. Xiao Guo-an, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Xiangtan University, Li Bochao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiangtan University and Zheng Chijian, Supervisor at the vice president level arrived at the scene to convey greetings to the new students and inspect the work of welcoming new students.

This year, our university has admitted 5130 students for undergraduate course (4850 students for the first batch and 280 for the second batch), 1733 for graduate program, 680 freshmen to enter the technical college and 2335 persons for the third batch (Xingxiang College). The registration time differes: students of the first batch, students from Vocational - Technical Institute and Energy Engineering College, as well as fresh graduates register on Sep.2 and 3, and attended the school’s opening ceremony on Sep.4, while freshmen of Xingxiang College register on Sep. 10 and 11 and participate in the opening ceremony on Sep. 12.


   (Newspaper of Xiangtan University, Reporter: Zhang Ziqing)