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XTU Celebrates the 26th Teachers Day




With flowers and applauses, on September 10, Xiangtan University held a celebration assembly in the lecture hall of Yifu Building to grandly celebrate the 26th Teachers’ Day. The university leaders at school such as Xiao Guo’an, Luo He’an, Huang Jianxin, Li Bochao, Zhou Yichun, Wang Jiping, Ning Jianmin, Gao Xieping and Zheng Chijian enjoyed a happy get-together with representatives of teachers and students for the celebration.

This year marks the convening of National Education Working Conference and the promulgation of the National Outline for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020) (hereinafter referred to as the Outline). Therefore, the first Teachers’ Day after the two events boasts unusual significance. The celebration raised its curtain to the solemn National Anthem. Xiao Guo’an, Secretary of the Party committee of Xiangtan University, and Luo He’an, President of Xiangtan University delivered keynote speech respectively; Huang Jianxin, member of the Party committee of Xiangtan University, Chairman of Xiangtan University Federation of Trade Union and Supervisor at the president level presided over the celebration. Li Youxin, Dean of College of Philosophy & History Culture, and Yang Liuqing, student from College of Literature and Journalism took the floor on behalf of teachers and students respectively one after another.

At the assembly, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Xiangtan University Li Bochao read out the resolution on the recognition of excellent teachers, and awarded model teachers above the provincial level, outstanding teachers and winners of Xu Teli Education Award since 2007.

President Luo He’an put forward three aspirations for the faculty and staff. First is to take educating people above everything. Teachers should enhance moral cultivation, influence students with charisma and erudition, and work as students’ mentors and guides for their healthy growth. Second is to respect and promote science. Efforts should be made to carry out the mechanism of giving lessons by professors in a bid to enable students to listen to lectures of more well-known professors, comprehend the extensive and profound knowledge, and appreciate the preciseness of academic researches. Third is to place emphasis on integrity. Teachers should not only adhere to academic morality and hold on to bottom lines of “learning” and “behaving”, but also hold high the banners of truth and science, cultivate university spirit and serve as the leaders and safeguards social ethics and ideals.

Secretary Xiao Guo’an conveyed the essence of the National Education Working Conference and the Outline, and raised requirements on how to implement the essence. Firstly, stirring interest in studying and implementing the essence of the Conference and the Outline should be excited across the university to unify thought and action in line with spirit and deployment of the central government. Secondly, sense of responsibility should be strengthened. Teachers should size up the situation, enhance sense of responsibility, take the preemptive opportunities and gain competitive advantage. Thirdly, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” should be compiled in a scientific manner, and its complementation should be inspected and summarized as soon as possible. Fourthly, endeavors should be exerted to further advance reforms so as to innovate personnel training mechanism, raise the standards of academic construction and scientific research, promote innovations in systems and mechanisms, and explore ways to set up modern university.

(Newspaper of Xiangtan University, Reporter: Jiang Haiwen)
            (Source: Newspaper of Xiangtan University)