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Academician Zhang Gongqing Attended “Shaofeng Master Forum” of XTU


On the afternoon of October 9, Zhang Gongqing, a world-renowned mathematician, academician of the Third World Academy of Sciences, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and national distinguished teacher attended “Shaofeng Master Forum” of Xiangtan University and gave a lecture themed with “On Mathematics Profession”. Huang Yunqing, deputy president of Xiangtan University presided over the forum and almost 500 students with related major listened to the lecture.


During the lecture, Academician Zhang Gongqing covered essence of mathematics, basic features of mathematics, developing trend of mathematics, importance of mathematics education, requirements on mathematicians in modern society and mission of Chinese young mathematicians. He explained profound mathematics profession in simple terms by employing easy-to-understood examples and humorous language, which aroused the participants’ sympathy and thinking, triggered students’ confidence and enthusiasm in studying mathematics. After the speech, Academician Zhang interacted with the students and answered their questions patiently.



School of Mathematics and Computational Science

 Oct. 12, 2010