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National High-level Forum on Government Performance Evaluation Held in XTU




Government performance evaluation is a difficult theoretic subject as well as a practical task. From October 13 to 15, the National High-level Forum on Government Performance Evaluation was held in Xiangtan University. Performance evaluation experts from China Administration Society, Chinese Academy of Governance, Lanzhou University, Xiamen University and Chinese Public Administration Magazine conducted academic exchange and ideological interaction on hot, difficult and focal issues in government performance evaluation.


Professor Gao Xiaoping, executive president of China Administration Society and president of National Seminar on Government Performance Management, Professor Zhu Lijia from Chinese Academy of Governance, Prof. Bao Guanxian from Lanzhou University, Prof. Zhuo Yue from Xiamen University, Prof. Wu Jiannan from Xi’an Jiaotong University and Professor Zhang Anding, secretary of National Seminar on Government Performance Management attended the opening ceremony. Liu Changgeng, vice president of Xiangtan University delivered a welcoming speech and briefed on the university history, talent training and discipline construction of administrative management at the ceremony.


At the forum, the participating experts sorted out the frontline theories of government performance evaluation at home and abroad, and shared the successful experience with one another. Centering on the three sub-themes of “government performance evaluation and reform of the administrative system”, “construction of government performance evaluation system and mechanism innovation” and “local experience and model in government performance evaluation”, the participants carried out exchange and discussion. Professors Zhuo Yue, Bao Guanxian, Wu Jiannan, Zhu Lijia and He Zhen made special report respectively and Prof. Gao Xiaoping made an expert report.


Professional personnel held that this forum would promote theoretic development of government performance evaluation, and push forward integration of theory with practice. The forum has enhanced experience sharing and theoretic discussion between researchers on government performance evaluation and working departments, thus would better serving economic and social development and government management innovation.
The forum was jointly hosted by Public Management School of Xiangtan University and the CPC Yueyang County Committee, undertaken by Hunan Center for Government Performance Evaluation, Research Base of Local Government Performance Evaluation & Management Innovation and Yueyang County Performance Office. And a sub-forum was held in Yueyang County.


(Newspaper of Xiangtan University, Reporter: Jiang Haiwen)
(Source: Newspaper of Xiangtan University)