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Academician Jin Yong Talked about Low-carbon Economy





“Low-carbon economy is the only way to ecological civilization.” On the morning of October 14, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Jin Yong, a professor from Tsinghua University delivered an excellent speech titled “Low-carbon Economy—Milestone of Development of Human Society” to the teachers and students of Xiangtan University. Luo He’an, president of Xiangtan University presided over the lecture and Chen Xiaoming, president-level supervisor attended it.


Academician Jin Yong first narrated the origin and development of the front subject of low-carbon economy, then made an in-depth analysis of the interdependent relation between low-carbon economy and development of human society, and illustrated the significant role of low-carbon economy in constructing ecological civilization and a harmonious society as well as stimulating social development in a scientific way by adopting massive data and graphs. During the two-hour lecture, Professor Jin integrated chemical knowledge with low-carbon economy in simple terms by employing easy-to-understood examples and humorous language, which aroused the participants’ sympathy. “The report enabled us to have a better understanding of the future research fields of chemical industry and profession prospect, and made us fully realize that the development of chemical industry is dependant on ecological environment and should be measured by low-carbon economy and recycling economy”, a graduate majoring in chemical engineering and technics said with deep feeling.


Before the lecture, accompanied by Luo He’an and Chen Xiaoming, Prof. Jin Yong paid respect to Bronze Statue of Chairman Mao Zedong, presented flower basket, visited School-history Exhibition Hall and investigated Chemical Process Simulation and Optimization Research Center of Ministry of Education in Xiangtan University.

(Newspaper of Xiangtan University, Reporter: Zhang Ziqing,
Student reporter: Li Xue)
     (Source: Newspaper of Xiangtan University)