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XTU Sealed Cooperation Agreement with Makerere University




From October 25 to 27, a delegation of five from Makerere University, namely President of the university Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, Dean of Studies Prof. A. Namoah, President of College of Health Sciences Prof. Richard Odoi, President of College of Public Health Doc. William Bazeyo and University Secretary David Kahundha Muhwezi, visited Xiangtan University and signed an interschool cooperation agreement with XTU. Luo He’an, president of Xiangtan University met with the delegation in the office. After that, Deputy President of XTU Liu Changgeng and the delegation had an in-depth discussion of and reached consensus on such aspects of common interest as student exchange, communication between teachers & faculties and cooperation in scientific research. President Luo and Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba signed the agreement on behalf of their university respectively.
The communication and cooperation project between Xiangtan University and Makerere University is a component of “Cooperation Program on 20+20 China-Africa Universities” launched by the Chinese government. In this June, XTU was elected as one of those universities. Conducting exchange and cooperation with Makerere University in an all-round way marked that the foreign affair of our university has entered the national strategic platform. This agreement serves as the first step in carrying out the tasks of “Cooperation Program on 20+20 China-Africa Universities”. In the future, our university will have dialogues and discussions with Makerere University in terms of concrete implementation regulations of cooperation project to realize substantial cooperation.


International Exchange Center
Oct. 28, 2010