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Student from XTU Got Third Prize in National Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Design Contest



From October 30 to 31, the Fourth “Mitsui Chemical” National Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Design Contest, hosted by Committee of Chemical Engineering of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC), kicked off in Central South University. The work, Project of Producing 60,000 Tons Degradable Plastics by Coal-fired Power Plant CSS & U System, designed by “heartfly” Team of Xiangtan University (team members: Chen Shuisheng, Dai Xin, Li Huanxiang, Xiao Peipei, Tangjia, instructors: Liu Yuejin, Huang Liqun and Huang Yan) gained the third prize.

The requirement of the competition was “to design a set of CCS & U sub-system for the existing coal-fired power plant”. It is required to consider re-utilization of captured carbon dioxide from the perspective of chemical engineering, jointly produce chemical products with high economic value in line with the concept of sustainable development, bring down economic cost of carbon emission reduction as well as popularize and apply CCS & U technology.

Adopting MEA and MDEA as absorbents, the “heartfly” Team trapped the carbon dioxide from flue gas of electric power plant and realized over 99.5% of carbon dioxide purity after desorption and purification. It measured up to the industrial-level standard of carbon dioxide with the annual trapping capacity of 100,000 tons. Among them, 30,000 tons products from carbon dioxide were used to produce PPC degradable plastics, an environment-friendly product with high added value. Its cardinal principle was as follows: carbon dioxide reacted with propylene oxide and produced PPC in the presence of catalyst; the rest carbon dioxide was sealed up for keeping. With advanced absorption and production methods, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving process routes, reasonable and efficient resource utilization, technical innovation was fully reflected in the work.

 “Mitsui Chemical” National Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Design Contest serves as a significant platform for university students majoring in chemical engineering. An undergraduate chemical design competition with the highest level and greatest influence across the country, it is a stage for undergraduates to show their comprehensive quality and compete in their innovation ability.

College of Chemical Engineering
                      Nov. 2, 2010